The promotional bank KFW reports on successful startups in its “founder stories”. In December 2019 they published an article on Systema Natura as part of the award which Systema Natura received from KFW this year.

We live our values of humanity and social coexistence in everyday life with our customers and suppliers as well as in long-term decisions. Therefore, the support of an animal protection project was a matter of course for us when purchasing a guard dog for our company premises. The association ProDog Romania e. V. protects street dogs in Romania from an unworthy fate. Our dog has a new life now and is happy about his great new job.

In search of innovations and ideas, we regularly visit leading trade fairs in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. Right at the beginning of the year, we were at the world’s leading trade fair for organic food, BIOFACH. In exchange with experts and companies, we have gained new impressions of the current development, which we incorporate into our work.

With our headquarters in Flintbek, near the state capital Kiel, we live in a federal state with vision. Good networking with other companies and institutions is crucial for us. Therefore we are in the partner program “Schleswig-Holstein, the real north” since March 2019.
“Strong sectors, strong Mittelstand and versatile career opportunities.” That’s Schleswig-Holstein! ”
As stated at the Annual Reception 2019 of the IHK, the partner program is Schleswig-Holstein. The real north. An association of companies and institutions in Schleswig-Holstein that stand and promote the economic, working and living place together.

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